About Me

My name is Dionisios Favatas but everyone knows me simply as Dio. I kind of feel like Madonna or Prince (seeing that no one seems to know that I have a first or last name). Kind of cool, right? So, here’s the skinny on me…

  • Social Media / Digital leader in the fields of Advertising, PR, and PA.
  • Over 10 years of experience in the Digital and Emerging Media space, positioned as a thought leader.
  • Accomplished and insightful Digital Strategist, Consultant, and Social Media Ideation Leader.
  • A Digital Marketing expert firmly positioned at the crossroads of technology and marketing.
  • Wacky, zany, brainy, and funny personality. We should hang out sometime and you’ll see.
  • Twitter fanatic, spending much of my free time tweeting mostly on Social Media and hilarious Gizmodo pictures and videos.

There are plenty of other blah, blah, blahs I could say, but connect with me and let’s have a real conversation.